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      Classical live online radio stations from Europe:

Accent4 (Strasbourg, France)

Accent4 from Strasbourg France just wants to promote classical music. They are not broadcasting just classical music but also  local concerts.


Antena 2 (Lisboa, Portugal)

Antena 2 is the second radio station of the Portuguese public broadcast. It is broadcasting all styles of classical music. 


Arnold Schönberg Center (Vienna, Austria)

The webradio exists of weekly changing 3,5 hour Schönberg compositions.


AVRO Klassiek (Hilversum, the Netherlands)

AVRO is a welknown public broadcaster in the Netherlands. It broadcasts different styles of classical music without commercials.


Bartok Radio (Budapest, Hungary)

Bartok Radio is owned by the Hungarian state radio.

You can listen live to a lot of live classical concerts from the Hungary concerthalls.


Bayern 4 Klassik (Munich, Germany)

Bayern 4 is the classical music radion station of the Bavarian radio Germany.

Musica Religiosa (Hilversum, the Netherlands)
On Musica Religiosa it is possible to listen to two web radios, one with classical Christian music and the other station with only organ music. Both web radios broadcast 24/7 and have classical music of the very highest quality which is not interrupted by announcements, no bulletins, or commercials.

BBC Radio 3 (London, United Kingdom)

The most known classical music radio station of the world from London, England.


Catalunya Musica (Barcelona, Spain)

Catalunya Musica is the classical music radio station from Catalunya, Spain.


Czech Radio Vltava (Prague, Czech Republik)

Czech Radio supports originally artistic and radio production (festival of radio production Prix Bohemia Radio), important artistic ensembles (Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Czech Radio Big Band, Disman Radio Children's Ensemble, Czech Radio Children's Choir) and young musicians (contests Concertino Praga and Concerto Bohemia); Czech Radio is a member of European Broadcasting Union and through the Czech Radio Endowment Fund works in charitable area.


Classic FM (Sofia, Bulgaria)

For almost seven years Bulgarian Classical music radio gives pleasure to listeners in Bulgaria. For about two years they are broadcasting their 24 hours program over the Internet. So now jazz & Classic music fans from all around the world can listen to their programm.


Classic FM (Prague, Czech Republik)

The most popular classical music radio station in the Czech Republik  from Prague.


Classic FM (Naarden, the Netherlands)

Classica FM is part of the Sky Radio Group. In Holland you can listen to them via cable as the 'commercial station Classic FM'. In the Netherlands they are very popular.


Classic FM (London, United Kingdom)

Classic FM makes classical music a relevant part of the modern lifestyle. To achieve this, Classic FM plays familiar music alongside less known pieces, all chosen to uplift, soothe and stir the emotions. This approach is designed to make classical music as accessible to as many people as possible. It is underpinned by rigorous quality control, ensuring that listeners hear the very best recordings of their favourite music.


Concertzender (Hilversum, the Netherlands)

'Concertzender' is a classical music radio station broadcasting music 24 hours. Theier programm includes music from all historic periods and types; classical, but also jazz, and world music.


D.R. P2 Klassisk (Copenhagen, Denmark)

P2 Klassisk is the classical music channel from the Danish broadcasting company.


Filodiffusione (Rome, Italy)

Filodiffusione brings classical music 24 hours a day. They use the RAI historical archives which contains rare recordings of chamber Music, orchestral and operatic works.


Hrvatska Radio 3 (Zagreb, Croatia)

Hrvatska Radio 3 is the 3rd radio channel from the National Croation Radio. 


Istanbul T.U. Radio (Istanbul, Turkey)

Besides Classical Music, ITU also gives place to the selected examples from Rock and Jazz music on the radio. During the day, art activities throughout the city and academic notices are also announced in the news. ITU Radio is going to continue to fulfill its educational and cultural functions in the new broadcasting term by its serious polyphonic music programs, as it had been in the past. 


Klara Continuo (Brussels, Belgium)

Here you can listen from 7 a.m. until midnight (European time) to the best pieces from the greatest composers.

Non-stop online classical music from this Belgium radio station.


Klassik Radio (Hamburg, Germany)

Online classical music from the classical music radio station Klassik Radio Hamburg, Germany.


Klassika Raadio (Tallinn, Estonia)

Klassikaraadio's is the largest audience of all continuously operating cultural media-channels in Estonia. Klassikaraadio's present schedule features cultural programs and news as well as a wide spectrum of quality musics-from West-European classics to folk, jazz, world music and a separate series dedicated to progressive rock.


Latvijas Radio 3 Klasika (Riga, Latvia)

Latvijas Radio 3 Klasika is a classical music radio channel mixed with jazz, folk-music, several hours of fiction and radiodrama.


Latvijas Radio 3 Klasika ( Riga, Latvia)

Latvijas Radio 3 Klasika is a classical music radio channel mixed with jazz, folk-music, several hours of fiction and radiodrama.


Lyric R.T.E. FM (Dublin, Ireland)

RTE is also a major contributor to the arts in Ireland and supports five performing group - the RTE National Symphony Orchestra, the RTE Concert Orchestra, the RTE Vanbrugh Quartet, the RTE Philharmonic Choir and RTE Cor na nog. 


MDR Klassik (Halle, Germany)

MDR Klassik is the Classical music channel for middle Germany.


NDR Kultur (Hamburg, Germany)

NDR Kultur is the classical music channel for North Germany.


NRK Alltid Klassisk (Oslo, Norway)

The NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) is Norway's major broadcasting institution with nine radio channels and two TV channels with an approx. 100% coverage. The NRK headquarters are situated in the capital Oslo and Trondheim. NRK also comprises 15 regional offices whose journalists produce radio and TV programmes for their regional broadcasts and for the national networks, as well as the Internet. NRK Regional Offices, cooperating in seven groups, produce regional TV news. There are NRK offices in 50 different places in Norway in addition to 10 correspondents abroad. 


OperadiO (London, United Kingdom)

OperadiO is based in London, England. OperadiO offers you 10 different radio channels to listen. To listen all 10 channels you need to download their player which you can find at their website.


Österreichischen Rundfunk (Vienna, Austria)

Concerts from the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Radio Symphony and much more are broadcasted by this Austrian national station.


Play Classical UK (Arundel, United Kingdom)

Play Classical UK 
Presenting the a unique selection of the very best Classical music in the world spanning the most celebrated compositions from the 18th century right up to contemporary symphonies, arias and orchestrations. 


Radio 4 (Hilversum, the Netherlands)

Radio 4 is a Classical music radio station from the Netherlands. It brings you 24 hours a day online classical music. 


Radio B.A.C.H. (Glwice, Poland)

24 hours a day, 7 days a week Radio Bach offers Johann Sebastian Bach's music. The German word Bach means a stream and it reflects the way they broadcast in.


Radio Clasica (Madrid, Spain)

Radio Clasica is the classical music station of the National Spanish public radio.

RNW Classical Webradio (the Netherlands)
Since June  2010 Radio Netherlands Worldwide is producing RNW Classical webradio. The focus on this classical music station lies on Dutch composers and artists, but of course all international masterpieces are being played as well.

Radio Classica Bresciana (Brescia, Italy)

Radio Classical Bresciana is one of the few classical music stations in Italy. You can hear mostly classical and baroque music.


Radio Classique (Paris, France)

Classical music radio station from Paris.

This station offers you classical music and economic information.


Radio France Musique (Paris, France)

Online classical music from the Capital of France, Paris.

Radio France Vivace (Paris, France)

More online classical music from the Capital of France, Paris.


Rai Radio 3 (Rome, Italy)

Classical music and opera is brouht to you by Rai Radio 3 from Italy.


Radio Ras 1 (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Ras 1 is the classical music channel from Icelandic National broadcasting service.


Radio Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Classical music station from Slovenia. The classical music fills 3/4 of the programm. 


Radio Stephansdom (Vienna, Austria)

Radio Stephansdom broadcasts from the music city Vienna. Radio Stephansdom offers you high quality classical music.


Radio Swiss Classic (Bern, Switzerland)

Online classical music radio from Switzerland.

Commercial free.

L360 Radio (London, United Kingdom)
L360 Radio is a free internet radio station dedicated to playing Libera’s Music 24/7. Libera is the Chart Topping All Boys Choir from London.

Radio R.M.F. Classic (Krakow, Poland)

Commercial free classical music radio from Poland.


R.T.B.F. Musiq 3 (Brussels, Belgium)

Every evening you can listen to an concert at this classical music radio stations from Belgium. Besides jazz they also play world music.


R.T.S.I. (Lugano, Switzerland)

RTSI is the society for the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. 


Special Radio (Russia)

Special Radio was organized on December 1, 2001 by a group of Russian independent music publishers representatives. 
Special Radio is the only radio which works with Russian and foreign musicians regardless of their career success in other mass media. Special Radios airplay is composed by musicians who offer their tracks for rotation. 
The classical channel is the biggest classical music radio channel in Russia. Its content is classical music, generally Baroque period. You won't hear habitual classic hits. 
The broadcasting is day-and-night either with 20 or 64 kbit/s output. The optimal quality is being picked automatically in relation to your I-net connection.

Spivakov Classic (Moscow, Russia)

Named after the Russian conductor and violinist Vladimir Teodorovich Spivakov. Spivkov Classic is part of the internet radio station 


S.R. 2 Kultur Radio (Saarbrucken, Germany)

The number 1 radio channel from Saarland, Germany. They bring a lot of German spoken programs but every night a concert.


Sveriges Radio P2 (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Classical, Jazz and folk music from the classical music radio station in Sweden, no adverstising and commercials.


YLEn Klassinen (YLE Classic) (Helsinki, Finland)

A 24-hour digital supplementary service of classical music from Helsinki, Finland


The Voice of Music (Jerusalem, Israel)

The Voice of Music is the only Israeli radio station which broadcasts exclusively art music. 
The Voice of Music started on 1st, May 1983 as an F.M. station broadcasting art music 18 hours a day, from 6 A.M. till midnight. Their programs present mainly the so-called Classical music, joined by varied aspects of contemporary music, early music, world music, jazz, early recordings and the latest discs and all other musics good enough to pass our threshold. 
Discs take up about 70% of our air time. The rest is filled with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and other local orchestras.

ERA 3 Trito Radio (Athene, Greece)
Almost 24 hours a day Classical music from the 3rd radio station in Greece.
Klasszik Radio (Budapest, Hungary)
Online classical music from Hungary, Budapest.
This station started broadcasting at December 1st 2009.
LRT Klasika (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) is a non-profit public broadcaster that has been providing regular radio services since 1926.
Radio Orpheus (moscow, Russia)
Oprheus is playing 'academical' classical music.
Radio Mozart (France)
Internet radio station from France playing Mozart's music 24/7 a day.
Venice Classic Radio (Italy)
Internet radio station from Italy playing classical music 24/7.
Classical Radio Greece (Greece)
Smooth popular classical music… just that!

Radio Romania Music (Bucharest, Romania)
The only Romanian radio station dedicated exclusively to jazz and classical music.
The first Romanian radio station of its kind which broadcasted online.
24 hours of non-stop 100% quality music classic, jazz&more: symphonic, chamber music, operetta, choral music, folk, jazz, soundtracks.
The most important singers in recent recordings or archived concerts.
Live broadcasts from the most famous concert halls in the world, where today's best ensembles perform on a regular basis.


CEU Medieval Radio (Budapest, Hungary)
CEU Medieval Radio is a non-profit online radio run by Central European University's Medieval Studies Department.
Listen to 24 hour webcast of authentic pre-1700 music.

Koperkanaal (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)
Koperkanaal is a channel of Dutch regional broadcaster Omroep Friesland. Here you can listen 24/7 to brass bands and 'fanfare' music.

ABC Piano (Paris, France)
Only Classical Piano Music with Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Chopin, ...... Piano Classical Music 24/7


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