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Classical musical terms



jacara picaresque comic interlude inserted in stage plays. now the term has come to signify a ballad or dance
jack a piece of wood at the rear of a key lever carrying a plectrum with which to pluck the strings; used for harpsichords
jagd hunt
jagdhorn hunting horn
jagdstuck hunting music
jaleo Andalusia dance with clapping
jam improvisation, a group improvising together on a well known tune
janizary music music in the style of the military guard of Turkish royalty
janko keyboard a keyboard invented by Paul von Janko of Hungary in 1882. There are six rows of keys such that a sequence may be played in three different places
jazz a musical form originating in 20th century U.S.A. it features specialized rhythm patterns, a standard repertoire, and was formerly associated with popular dance music. Serious 20th century composers have since dipped into the jazz idiom
jeng fretless chyn, Chinese
jeté a style of bowing
jeu organ stop
Jew's harp an instrument made up of a flexible strip in a fixed frame. It is partly held in the mouth, and notes are produced by moving the tongue and larynx and altering the shape of the mouth. fingers holding the visible part of the instrument make it vibrate
jig a type of lively dance, popular in England, Scotland, and Ireland, where its popularity lasted longest
jodel see yodel
jongleur a wandering minstrel, common in medieval times, whose skills often combined singing, playing an instrument (often a fiddle), acrobatics, and juggline
joropo Venezuelan dance song in 3
jota a dance from north-eastern Spain. it is in quick triple time and usually accompanied by castanets
jubilate a song of praise, usually based on psalm 100
just intonation system of tuning wherein all intervals are derived from the pure fifth; contrast to tempered intonation
just tuning any system of tuning in which the intervals are pure, and do not deviate from the overtone series



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