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Classical musical terms




quadran pavan passamezzo moderno
quadranotation square notation
quadrille the quadrille was one of the most popular ball-room dances of the 19th century, generally in a brisk duple metre
quadrivium the four mathematical arts. arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy
quadruple counterpoint counterpoint in four parts
quadruple fugue fugue with four subjects
quadruple time, meter four beats to the bar
quadruplet a group of four played in the time of three
quart, quarte the interval of the fourth. as a prefix, means tuned a fourth higher or lower than normal
quartal harmony harmony based on the interval of a perfect fourth, rather than on thirds
quarter note divisions of the tone smaller than a semitone are occasionally found in art-music, particularly in the 20th century. Quarter-tones occur in the solo violin part of the second violin concerto of Bela Bartok.
quartet a performing group involving four voices or instruments. A string quartet, consisting of two violins, a viola and a cello, is the most common. A piano quartet comprises piano, violin, viola and cello. the term is also used to describe music written for four performers or singers.
quartfagott, quartflote, quartgeige instruments tuned a fourth different than normal
quartole quadruplet
quasi almost
quasihemidemisemiquaver hundred twenty-eighth note
quattro four
quaver eighth note
quempas abbr. for quem pastores laudavere, Christmas music
queue stem (of note)
quick-step march tempo of around 108 steps per minute, or music designed to be performed at that tempo
quindezime the double octave
quint, quinte fifth
quinta falsa diminished fifth
quintal harmony harmony based on the interval of a fifth, rather than thirds
quintet, quintette describes a group of five instrumentalists or singers. A string quintet adds an extra viola or cello or bass to the standard string quartet, while a piano quintet usually adds a piano to the standard string quartet. A quintet can also refer to a piece of music written for five performers or singers.
quintole quintuplet
quintsaite e string (of violin)
quintuple meter meter with five beats per measure
quintuplet a group of five notes played in the time of four or six, according to the time signature
quodlibet is a light-hearted composition generally containing a combination of well known tunes. there is an example in Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg variations, where the composer combines the theme of the variations with two popular songs of the time.



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