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Classical musical terms




u.c. abbr. for una corda
uguale equal
uilleann pipes Irish bagpipe. aka union (corruption of uillean) pipes
ukelele a small guitar-like instrument of Portuguese origin, with four strings and a long fingerboard.
umfang range
umkehrung inversion
umstimmen tuning changes
un, una, uno one, or indefinite article
una one
una corda literally, one string. indication, in keyboard music, to depress the soft pedal
una corda pedal this is the pedal on the piano that causes the hammer to hit one string and not all three. It enables a pianist to play more quietly, as well as changing the tone. also known as the damper pedal, it is often referred to as the 'soft' pedal.
undezime eleventh
unequal temperament any tuning system between pure tonal and equal temperament
unequal voices mixed voices including male and female
ungaresca dance tune of Hungarian or alleged Hungarian provenance
ungebunden free, unrestrained
unison the playing of a melody by various instruments or voices, at the same pitch or in different octaves.
unit organ organ wherein one rank serves for different stops through coupling
unmerklich imperceptible
unruhig restless
unter- below
up bow the bow is pushed up from tip
upbeat the upward movement of the conductor's baton or hand. the upbeat precedes a strong beat and it is also known as the 'weak' beat. If the rhythm is syncopated, the main accent falls on the upbeat
upbow the upward motion of the bow of a stringed instrument when it is pushed against the string. the opposite downward, pulling motion, is down bow
upright piano has vertical strings, as opposed to the grand piano, in which the strings are horizontal
ut first syllable in some solemnizations. The note c, in France
ut supra as before
uber- over
ubung exercise, study

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