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Classical musical terms



wachsend growing
wagner tuba a five valves tuba designed by Richard Wagner, for use in his music
waist narrowing in the middle of the body of an instrument, resulting in a shape like an hourglass. Typically found in string instruments, and some drums.
wait watchman who sounded the hours of the night
waldhorn  French horn
waltz dance for couples written in 3/4 time. It made it's first appearance in the 18th-century, from German or bohemian origins. The waltz reached England in the last years of the 18th-century
walze crescendo pedal of organ. stereotyped undulating figures
warme warmth
wasserorgel hydraulos
water organ this direct ancestor of the modern pipe organ was invented in ancient Greece, it used water to maintain a constant pressure on air that was fed to panpipes
wechsel- change
wehmutig sad
weich gentle
weihmachtsmusik music for Christmas
western mouth organ a wind-blown instrument consisting of a casing containing a series of metal reeds. It is played principally in popular and folk music, including the blues
whistle end-blown pipe
whistle-flute fipple flute
whole note semibreve
whole step interval of the major second
whole tone scale scale consisting of six intervals of one whole step each
wind band an orchestra without strings, but including saxophones and double basses
wind cap cylindrical cap with blowhole that set the reeds in motion. Used principally on crumhorns
wind chest airtight box of the organ that sends air to the pipes
wind instruments instruments in which sound is produced by the player blowing into them, causing a vibration of specific frequency. they are divided into woodwind and brass instruments
wind machine any instrument that simulates the sound of wind
wirbel violin peg. drum roll
wire brush a type of drumstick with a fan of stiff wires at the end, which is used to produce a 'brushing' noise on a drum
wolf discord resulting from imperfect tuning. the difference between enharmonic in the mean-tone system. in string playing, a wolf tone is a faulty tone or unwanted volume reinforcement produced by a flaw in the instrument
woodwind the woodwind section of the modern orchestra includes flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons and related instruments, although flutes are generally no longer made of wood. These instruments are all aero phones, blowing instruments, the sound produced by blowing across an aperture in the case of the flute, by the vibration of a single reed in the case of the clarinet and by the vibration of double reeds in the case of the oboe and the bassoon.
word painting expression via music of ideas of a song
wuchtig heavy, ponderous
wurstfagott racket bassoon
wurdig dignified




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