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  Classical musical terms



zahlzeit beat
zajel zejel
zaleo jaleo
zamba Argentine scarf dance in 6/8, related to the cueca
zampogna bagpipe that is supplied by the mouth
zanfona hurdy-gurdy
zapateado solo dance, where the heels are stamped in syncopation and other contrasting rhythms
zapfenstreich tattoo, sometimes very elaborate
zarabanda sarabande
zart tender
zarzuela important style of Spanish opera, with music and spoken passages, but not usually comic
zeitmass tempo
zeitmesser metronome
zejel Arab poetry on which the virelai or cantigas have been patterned
zelo zeal
ziehharmonika accordion
ziemlich somewhat
zigeunermusik gypsy music
zimbalon cimbalom
zimbel cymbal
zink cornett
zinke an obsolete wind instrument in the shape of the cornet
zither a flat-backed plucked instrument, played on the lap or a table. originating in central Europe, it is particularly linked with the Tyrol and northern Italy
zitherist one who plays the zither
zithern same as zither
znamenny chant Chant of the Russian church
zoppa used in the phrase alla zoppa meaning 'limping'. In music it refers to a syncopated beat.
zortziko Basque folk dance in 5/8
zu too, to
zuffolo primitive shepherd pipe of any type
zug slide
zunehmend increasing
zunge reed
zuruckhalten hold back
zwei two
zwerchflote transverse flute
zwischendominante secondary dominant
zwischensatz intermediate theme; development
zwischenspiel most often applied to the music played by an organ between the verses of a hymn, or to music played between acts of an opera
zwolftonsystem twelve-tone technique
zyklisch cyclic
zymbel cymbal
zymbelstern percussion stop on baroque organs; produces tinkling sound

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