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Classical live online radio stations from the Pacific:

3MBS 103.5 FM (Melbourne)

3MBS was the first FM radio station in Victoria and began transmitting to Melbourne and surrounds on the 1st of July 1975. 3MBS also led the way for the introduction of community radio in Australia way back in 1968. 
3MBS supports local music and art as part of its commitment to develop and foster Melbourne's local cultural identity. 200 dedicated volunteers along with a small team of staff give their time, energy and passion to the station, delivering fine music to listeners 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


4MBS Classic FM (Brisbane)

One of Australia's premier community radio stations, 4MBS ClassicFM has received many awards for contributions to broadcasting in Australia and the promotion of young and emerging artists & musicians through many school, university and community based activities. 


Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM

Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM provides a real radio alternative for people curious about new ideas, issues, sounds, music and culture. We broadcast innovative, thought-provoking talks programs interspersed with good music for all music lovers. Programs are diverse and varied with a strong focus on news and current affairs, local issues, lifelong learning, arts and culture and community access.


A.B.C. Classic FM (Sydney)

Classical music can transform everyday moments into something magical. Whatever yo're doing, wherever you are, ABC Classic FM provides the perfect soundtrack to your day. 


Radio New Zealand Concert

Radio New Zealand Concert is Radio New Zealand's fine music network. Music comprises 85% of air time. Much of this is classical, with additional specialist music programmes covering jazz, contemporary and world music.
Concert actively promotes New Zealand music and composition, providing an important showcase for the best of the country's performing artists. Its specialised production department commissions work from New Zealand musicians and composers, and initiates a wide range of music programmes. The station delivers live broadcasts of concerts and recitals both of New Zealand artists and visiting international artists.
Concert also features international programmes selected from public radio broadcasters overseas.


Fine music 102.5 (St Leonards, Sydney, Australia)

Fine Music 102.5 is Australia's first stereo FM radio station. The station was officially opened on 1 February 1975 and is now been on air for over 30 years.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they broadcast a wide range of fine music. Renowned composers, orchestras, ensembles and soloists are featured in programs of classical and jazz music. Australia's most talented composers and performers are also featured regularly in their broadcasts.
In addition, Fine Music is dedicated to fostering young Australian talent through the annual Young Performers Award and Young Composers Award.







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